Kimberly Howland Bio

My name is Kimberly Howland, I presently live in the small town of Boonville, located in southern Mendocino County, California. My Gallery/Studio is a beautifully restored 1880's Colonial that was originally the first hotel and Pony Express station in town.

My paintings are inspired by ancient sculptures of the great cultures of the past both Asian and European. The subjects I choose represent the continuing spirit of humanity and the facial features are a window into the emotional depth of humanity.

My technique utilizes acrylic paints and natural dyes with 23kt gold leaf accents. The subject matter compelled me to develop a process that heavily textures and ages the canvass in a manner that compliments the historical images.

I am interested in humankind's great journey toward conscious evolution and self-knowledge. My own journey has lead me to the disciplines of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong for healing purposes, meditations and sacred dances from around the world, the study of the Enneagram of personality types and Reichian Bioenergetic therapy, lucid dreaming, and Zen Buddhism. After 28 years of study and experience in these fields, I believe humans have the potential to be magnificent, miraculous beings endowed with the power to transform consciousness, matter and energy.

I hope to inspire a sense of calm and hope for the viewer - to take them beyond the ordinary perception of the world.