Peace Pins

I live 3 miles up a dirt road, off the grid, on top of a mountain ridge in the beautiful hills of northern California where the deer run free, the hawks and eagles soar in the sky and where at one time grizzly bears roamed on the mountain that faces my studio.This land was sacred to the Pomo Indians who also drank from the spring where our water comes from when they lived here 160 years ago.

Yet even here, in the silence of this sacred mountaintop, I am never far from the awareness of the sorrow and madness of this world. I have designed these peace pins in acknowledgment that suffering lies in the hearts of all humans to some degree or another.

Sorrow and love are our greatest teachers. The peace pin is a reminder that peace and love are both conta-gious. The more we work to cultivate peace and love in our heart and mind, the more we will create peace in our immediate world and it will ripple out beyond us.

Deep deep, peace, deep love to you. Love and honor your precious self, both gently and fiercely, and then love yourself some more, for you are the beloved and you are the world.